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Liber Usualis - 1961

This book contains the chants for every Mass of the year along with chants for the Divine Office for Sundays and Feast Days, all according to the Extraordinary Form..  It contains much of the same material as the Graduale Romanum.  In this edition, the rubrics and instructions are in English.

Liber Brevior - 1954

The 1954 Liber Brevior includes the entire Kyriale, all the liturgical chant propers for all Sundays, Commons and Feasts, plus Sunday Compline and Vespers as well as the Requiem and Burial liturgies.

The Liber Brevior includes easier Psalm-tone settings for Graduals, Alleluias and Tracts in an appendix in the back of the book.

Unlike the Liber Usualis the Liber Brevior does not include the text of the Orations, Epistles and Gospels sung by the Priest at High Mass.

Versus Psalmorum et Canticorum - 1962

This book contains psalm verses to be added to the Introit and Communion antiphons for Masses throughout the year.  It also contains psalm 33 in various tones, which can be added to the Communion chant of any Mass.

Offertoriale - 1935

This book contains the Offertory antiphons for Masses throughout the year with the addition of psalm verses to be sung in between repetitions of the antiphon.  These are elaborate chant verses, not simply psalm toned.


This book contains the Communion chants for the Sundays, 1st Class Feasts and Feasts of Our Lord, along with proper psalm verses for each antiphon which can be sung in between repetitions of the antiphon.  It also contains English translations.  This book is also compatible with the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

Chants Abreges - 1926

This book contains simple Graduals, Alleluias, and Tracts intended to be sung by small choirs unable to sing the full chants.  The full texts are sung, but to simpler melodies.

Simplified Graduale - 2008

This book contains a different set of simplified Graduals, Alleluias, and Tracts for the Sunday Masses and various other Masses throughout the year. The full texts are sung, but to simpler melodies.

Graduels, Versets de L’Alleluia et Traits - 1955

This book contains psalm tone settings for the Graduals, Alleluias, and tracts for all the Masses of the liturgical year.

Cantus Selecti - 1957

This book contains chants for various rites and liturgical seasons.  It contains hymns in honor of the Blessed Sacrament for use at Adoration and Benediction or other times including 40 hours celebrations, hymns which can be chanted during Mass or other prayers for various seasons of the liturgical year, as well as in honor of various saints.  It contains chants for the approved litanies.

Chants of the Church - 1953

This book contains the chant for all the Mass ordinaries and some other ceremonies such as absolution of the body after a Requiem Mass, as well as other common chants and hymns. It also contains literal line-by-line English translations of all the chants in line with the musical notation.  Finally, it contains rules for interpretation of chant in English.

Simple Offertory Verses - 2008

This book contains the Offertory verses for Masses throughout the year set to simple psalm tones.  It is intended for small choirs who cannot chant the full offertory chants.

Liber Antiphonarius - 1949

This book contains the gregorian chant antiphons and hymns for all the daytime hours the Divine Office for singing in common.

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