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Latin Missals for the Faithful with English Translations:

What is the difference between the various Latin Mass hand-missals?

The main differences between various hand missals available is in how they present and arrange the texts of the Mass.  Most hand missals will contain text of the Ordinary of the Mass and the Propers (parts that change from day-to-day (e.g. readings).  They often contain other information such as introductions to the various Masses or histories and explanations of feasts.  They often also contain various other devotional prayers.

Two different hand missals are available from Biretta Books.

The New Roman Missal - Fr. Lasance
Roman Catholic Daily Missal - Angelus Press

Divinum Officium provides Latin and English texts of any Mass of the Liturgical Year.  Simply enter in the date you wish to view.

Can I find the Latin and the English translation of the Latin Mass on the internet?

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