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Since 2007, the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius have been offering workshops to educate priests, deacons, and seminarians in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. With over 1,500 priests having attended the workshops, and countless more who have used Sancta Missa as a quick resource, the Canons continue their work of restoring the sacred. 


The workshops are geared towards the celebrant – sometimes educating those with little to no background in the celebration of the Extraordinary Form, other times giving the priest an additional chance to practice and refine that which he’s already offering. Several times throughout the year the Canons Regular offer a week long intensive workshop. Up to five out-of-town priests can travel to St. John Cantius Parish, where they will be provided with housing, materials, and meals along with the daily workshop sessions. 


Workshop Registration

If you are interested in registering for a workshop or would like more information to pass along, please email Fr. Anthony Rice.

Fr. Anthony Rice, Sancta Missa Director  

Father Anthony Rice, SJC joined the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius in 2002 and was ordained in 2008. He is originally from Alabama and has been involved with Sancta Missa since its founding.

“I didn't realize how easy it was to learn! The Canons were extremely patient and encouraging.”

“The Canons helped me to harmoniously integrate the Extraordinary Form of the Mass into my parish”

“Learning the Extraordinary Form greatly enriched my own celebration of both forms of the Mass.”

Can You Sponsor a Priest?

Many priests, deacons and seminarians have been sponsored by loved ones or friends. We know that many have a love for the Extraordinary Form of the Mass and the Restoration of the Sacred and wanted to provide a quick answer to the often inquired – Can I sponsor a priest?

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