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Rubrics of the Tridentine Latin Mass 1962

The Rubrics of the Missale Romanum 1962

Translated into English by Rev. Dennis M. Duvelius

  II. The Procession of the Priest to the Altar

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1. The Priest, clothed in all his vestments, takes the Chalice prepared earlier as described above, in his left hand, and carries it before his breast, holding the Burse in place over the Chalice with his right hand. Then, having first reverenced the Cross or the picture thereof which is in the Sacristy, he goes to the Altar with his head covered, with the minister preceding him carrying the Missal and other requisites for the celebration (unless they have been prepared ahead of time). The minister should be vested in a Surplice. The Priest walks with eyes downcast, in a dignified manner, and with his body erect. If he happens to cross in front of a greater Altar, he reverences it with his head covered. If he passes before a place where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved, he genuflects. If passing before an Altar where Mass is being celebrated, and if the Blessed Sacrament is being elevated or administered, he genuflects, and adores It with head covered, and does not rise until the Celebrant has placed the Chalice back on the Corporal.

2. When he arrives before the Altar, standing before the lowest step, he uncovers his head, and hands his Biretta to the minister. He then makes a profound bow to the Altar or the image of the Crucifix above it. If, however, there is a Tabernacle containing the Blessed Sacrament on the Altar, he genuflects and pays it due reverence. Then he ascends the Altar at the middle, and having placed the Chalice on the Gospel side, extracts the Corporal from the Burse, unfolds it in the center of the Altar, and places on it the veiled Chalice. The Burse is placed on the Gospel side. If he is to vest at the Altar, he does this before descending from the Altar to begin the Mass.

3. If more Hosts are to be consecrated for Communion than can be placed on the Paten, they should be placed on the Corporal in front of the Chalice, or in another consecrated Chalice, or in another clean, blessed vessel, which is then placed behind the Chalice, and is covered with another Paten or Pall.

4. Having placed the Chalice on the Altar, he goes to the Epistle side, and places the Missal on its stand. Then he returns to the middle of the Altar, reverences the Crucifix, turns toward the Epistle side, and descends to the lowest level, where he will make the Confession.

5. In solemn Masses the Missal is exposed on the Altar; the Chalice, however, and other requisites are prepared on the Credence, covered with a linen cloth, before the Priest goes to the Altar. He processes with the Deacon and Subdeacon, who have their heads covered as he does, and holding their hands joined before their breast. The acolytes precede them holding candlesticks with lit candles, which are then placed upon the Credence. And when they arrive at the lowest step of the Altar, there in the middle, with the Deacon at his right, and the Subdeacon at his left, before he ascends the Altar, he makes the Confession with them (as below).

6. In Pontifical Masses everything is done as prescribed in the Roman Pontifical and the Ceremonial; the Bishop, or other, as above, may never disregard the order of the Pontifical, whenever he celebrates with Deacon and Subdeacon.

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