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Ordo Missae of the 1962 Missale Romanum

The Rubrics of the Missale Romanum 1962

Translated into English by Rev. Dennis M. Duvelius

  I. The Preparation of the Celebrating Priest

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1. The priest celebrating the Mass should take a little time for prayer, using some of the prayers below ad libitum (See "Praeparatio ad Missam" in the Roman Missal). Then he goes to the place in the Sacristy or the place prepared elsewhere where the vestments and other requisites for the celebration of Mass are located. He takes the Missal, locates the Mass texts, scans them, and places the ribbons by those texts, which he is about to say. Afterwards he washes his hands, saying the prayer listed below. (See Appendix I). Then he prepares the Chalice, which should be of gold or silver, or at least have a cup of silver gilded on the inside. The Paten should be gilded in like manner, and both should be consecrated by the Bishop. Over the mouth of the Chalice he places a clean Purificator, and over that the Paten on which lies the entire Host, from which he shall lightly wipe off any fragments if necessary, and then he covers all this with a small linen Pall, and then with the silk Veil. Over the Veil he places the Burse of the same color as the vestments, containing the folded Corporal, which should be made from pure linen, not silk, nor covered with gold in the middle, but entirely white, and which, together with the Pall, shall have been blessed by the Bishop or another possessing the faculty.

2. When these things have been arranged, he goes to the vestments, which should not be torn or mangled, but in good condition and fittingly clean and beautiful, and likewise having been blessed by the Bishop or another possessing the faculties. Then, wearing shoes and appropriate attire, which shall reach at least to the heel, he vests himself, saying the prayers listed below one at a time, as he puts on the vestments (See Appendix I).

3. First, taking the Amice by its ends and cords, he kisses it in the middle, where the cross is located, and places it over his head. Then he brings it down over his collar, and covering the collar of his garments, brings the cords under his arms, around his back, and again to his breast, where he ties them. Then he takes the Alb and places it over his head and places his right arm in the right sleeve and his left arm in the left sleeve. He adjusts the Alb to fit his body, and raising it in the front and at the sides, girds himself with the Cincture, which shall be handed to him from the back by the minister. The minister raises the Alb over the cincture so that it may hang at the proper length so as to cover the clothing beneath, and carefully adjusts the border so as to hang evenly above the floor at a finger’s length, or thereabout. The Priest takes the Maniple, kisses the cross in the middle, and places it on his left forearm. Then he takes the Stole in both hands, kisses it in like manner, places it at the middle of his collar, and brings it across his chest in the form of a cross, bringing the part hanging from his left shoulder to his right side, and the part hanging from his right shoulder to his left side. With the ends of the Stole drawn in this manner to the ends of the Cincture, he ties them in place with the same Cincture. Finally, the Priest puts on the Chasuble, and suitably covers his head.

4. If the Celebrant is a Bishop or Cardinal, or an Abbot having the use of pontificals, he does not place the Stole over his breast in the form of a cross, but allows the ends to hang straight down. Before he puts on the Stole, he takes the small Pectoral Cross, kisses it, and placing it over his collar, allows it to hang over his breast by its cords. Also, he does not put on the Maniple before the Stole, except in Masses for the dead, but rather, puts it on at the Altar, before he says Indulgentiam during the Confession, having previously kissed it.

If he is a Bishop or Abbot having the use of pontificals, and is celebrating solemnly, he vests as described in the Pontifical and the Ceremonial.

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