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This year's workshops will be held at the St. Joseph and Mary Retreat House. We invite you to visit their website for more information and to look at some of the amenities provided. They are situated on 40 acres of pristine and beautiful grounds right next to Mundelein Seminary and has a beautiful view of the 90 acre lake. Their food is restaurant quality, and each room comes with a private bathroom, queen size bed, and we have recently added new furniture in the dining room and the library. Throughout the workshop, attendees will learn the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. Printed materials will be provided and additional materials can be purchased online through the Canon’s liturgical goods store, Biretta Books.

Upcoming workshop dates.


AUG 30 - SEP 3

SEPTEMBER        13-17

NOVEMBER        15-19

DECEMBER         13-17

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Materials Provided to Registrants:

·   Current Ordo

·   Ritus Servandus

·   Rubrics of the Roman Breviary and Missal (1962 Edition)

·   Mass “Cheat Sheet” Card(s)

·   Asperges/Vidi Aquam Card with Musical Notation

·   Prayers After Low Mass and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament Card

·   Rite of Confession Card(s)

·   Card(s) for the Rite of Holy Communion During Mass

·   Card(s) for the Rite of Holy Communion Outside of Mass

These materials and more can be purchased at our bookstore.

Several times throughout the year the Canons Regular offer a week long intensive workshop. Up to fifteen out of town priests can travel to St. Joseph and Mary Retreat House at Mundelein Seminary, where they will be provided with housing, materials, and meals. A sample of the workshop schedule has been provided for your reference.

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